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Order of Priority after all the winning clusters are counted, and the cascades are done: FLUCTOMETER, QUANTUMETER, WILD PAIR EXPLOSION.


Reactoonz 2 is a 7×7 cascading video slot recreation.

Wins are achieved by getting 5 or additional symbols in clusters. These are eradicated and new symbols refill the grid. Cascades proceed until no additional wins is perhaps created.

A random one-eyed picture sort fluctuates on each new spherical. If fluctuating symbols sort a profitable cluster, a single ELECTRIC WILD is created randomly on any spot of the eradicated symbols. Furthermore, FLUCTOMETER collects the entire eradicated fluctuating symbols and creates 1, 2 or 3 ELECTRIC WILDS randomly when full, in any case wins and cascades play out.

All non-WILD, one-eyed and two-eyed symbols eradicated by an ELECTRIC WILD by way of wins or WILD PAIR EXPLOSION are counted as charges to the QUANTUMETER.

QUANTUMETER has 4 value ranges and holds as a lot as 135 charges. Diploma 1 requires 55 charges, diploma 2 requires 85, diploma 3 requires 110 and diploma 4 requires 135. Diploma 3 is the completely charged state of QUANTUMETER and diploma 4 is its overcharged state. QUANTUMETER continues to value after releasing an ENERGOON, nonetheless releasing GARGANTOON disables it.

If the QUANTUMETER would not attain diploma 3, it unleashes ENERGOON WILDS to the grid. Diploma 2 unleashes a single 2×2 ENERGOON WILD, at a value of 30 charges. Diploma 1 unleashes 4 symbols of 1×1 ENERGOON WILDS, at a value of 55 charges.

If the QUANTUMETER is at diploma 3 or above, GARGANTOON WILDS are unleashed on the grid. Diploma 4 supplies a x2 multiplier for all wins along with GARGANTOON WILDS, nonetheless solely a single x2 multiplier is used for each profitable cluster. Diploma 3 unleashes a single 3×3 GARGANTOON WILD.

After 3×3 GARGANTOON triggers a cascade, it is modified by two 2×2 GARGANTOON WILDS. After 2×2 GARGANTOON triggers a cascade, it is modified by 9 1×1 GARGANTOON WILDS.

WILD PAIR EXPLOSION prompts if there are 2 or additional ELECTRIC WILDS remaining on the grid, in any case wins are counted and any FLUCTOMETER and QUANTUMETER outcomes are carried out. 2 ELECTRIC WILDS are randomly chosen, always preferring these that are horizontally or vertically adjoining. A pair of adjoining ELECTRIC WILDS will take away all totally different symbols, aside from totally different WILDS. A non-adjacent pair of ELECTRIC WILDS will take away any one-eyed and two-eyed symbols between the pair of WILDS.

UNCHARGED WILDS can cascade onto the grid anytime. These do not take part in any wins nonetheless is perhaps charged by adjoining profitable clusters or WILD PAIR EXPLOSION. As quickly as charged, they become ELECTRIC WILDS.

Order of Priority after the entire profitable clusters are counted, and the cascades are completed: FLUCTOMETER, QUANTUMETER, WILD PAIR EXPLOSION.

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